Dreaming of your elders is auspicious light, indicating that you will be lucky.

Dreaming of talking with your elders is a good sign, indicating that an experienced elder will give you advice and make your business profitable.

But dreaming of quarreling with your elders indicates that you will suffer misfortune and economic damage.

To dream of an elder patting one's back lightly means subjective stubbornness, and no one can listen to any advice.

Dreaming of having sex with your boss or elders means that your ability to deal with crises will increase, your skills and professional knowledge at work will continue to be absorbed and improved, and your knowledge level will gradually grow. It is a good dream to improve your level.

Dreaming of kissing an elder or of the same sex means that you will not be able to finally get married with the person you like, and may be hindered by some friends or elders, so the relationship will not go smoothly, and it is more likely that it has not yet started. It is over.

Dreaming that you killed your boss or elders means that your work ability and talent can be appreciated and reused. However, if you can be more confident and have more contact with your boss, then your chances of promotion will be greater, and if Seeing blood indicates the possibility of a salary increase.

To dream of being dissatisfied with your elders means that your life is carefree and happy.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

If you see the elders, you will have good luck. Dreamsmeaning Book