Dreaming of my brother foretold that I missed my previous life very much.

  Dreaming about my brother teaching Zen, it means asking more people who are in the same situation around you, so that you can get a lot of useful experience and take a little detour! Seniors at work or seniors and academics in school are all objects you can ask. !

  Dreaming of the exam will not help my brother. This is because you feel insufficient in your ability and confidence, so you want to help others with the help of others, and the person you think of from the beginning is also your closest person, your brother.

  Dreaming of a fight with a brother , it indicates that interpersonal relationships are on the rise. You can associate boldly and positively with anyone, and the people around you will be honest with you and will never conflict.

  Dreaming about Master and Master being scolded by Master, it means that your exam luck will improve and you will get good results. But if you dream of being scolded for truancy, be careful that your academic performance will decline.

  Case Study of Dreaming Brother

  【Case number one】

  Dream Description: Dreaming of having sex with my brother , I am still a virgin, and I do n’t like my brother, but I admire him very much, and I do n’t know why, old sexual fantasies, what ’s going on? Am I sick? Is it?

  Dream analysis: Spring dream is regardless of the object, not disease, but normal physiological cycle, pay attention to hard work, distract work, go to bed early and get up early, strengthen physical exercise, you should be in puberty, female hormone secretion is strong, At this time, your ovaries tend to mature, which will lead to pituitary secretions. It is normal and does not require excessive panic. It is exactly this reason that any girl does not think of spring, and it is better to shift her attention to work and study to maintain physical and mental health.

  [Case 2]

  Dream description: I dreamed of picking eggplants with my brother, but I just could n’t pick up the tender ones. They were all old, so I did n’t need them. Then I saw green peppers. I did n’t buy them, but I bought noodles. Noodles are still in a plastic. The bag was left, and then I came to the vegetable garden with my colleagues. There were a lot of vegetables, many cucumber seedlings, very dense, and cucumbers on them. I picked them instead of picking the long, tender and watery ones, but picked two. The old cucumber is not good-looking. Others have picked a lot, and they are still in the plastic bag filled with noodles. There are few vegetables in it and they are very uncomfortable in the heart. Then I ca n’t remember.

  Dream analysis: This dream indicates that things are not going well, and things can't always develop according to your own imagination.