Dreaming about herbaceous plants means that there is sorrow hidden in happiness.

  Dreaming of poisonous herbs is warning you of bad people around you.

  Dreaming about grass is a sign of longevity.

  Dreaming of mowing means being forced by poverty and reducing life expectancy.

  Dreaming that someone else is carrying grass and coming to himself is a sign of getting rich.

  Dreaming of weeds, weeds represent barren, messy, and disorderly. Because weed removal is cumbersome and laborious, weeds in dreams also symbolize mental disorders, such as laziness.

  Dreaming of grass, also represents that you are a popular character. He is a right hand of his boss at work, and a helpful person among friends, so it is very popular. So the overall fortune is also good.

  Dreaming of green grass indicates that the dreamer's current physical condition is very good and his career will be very successful.

  The patient dreamed of green grass, indicating that the dreamer would recover soon.

  Case Study of Dreaming Herbs

  Dream description: Dreaming yesterday, I dreamed of a large area of ​​farmland and grew many plants. Afterwards, did it make sense to plan two strong herbs out of the ground?

  Dreamland analysis: Dreaming of grass is a symbol of vitality. Although the grass looks weak, it has a tenacious vitality.