Evergreen is a symbol of immortality and the recovery of all things.

  Dreaming of evergreens heralds innumerable wealth, happiness, and learning. For people of any class, it is a good dream of fortune.

  Dreaming of evergreens like pine and cypress usually foreshadows your health and longevity, and a happy life and career.

  Dreaming of the scattered pine forest, you may have disease. Remind you not to be stubborn, don't believe too much in your physical strength, the body is the capital of your career.

  Dreaming of lush foliage and turquoise pines and cypresses means that you are healthy, energetic, healthy in your family, rich in life, and loyal.

  Dreaming of pine and cypress growing in the room, foretelling the health and longevity of parents, and will help you in life or career.

  Dreaming of cypress trees growing in the house is a sign of prosperity.

  Dreaming of the pine tree, the family will have great luck, the bigger and more lush the pine tree, the more happy things will be at home.

  Dreaming of a tall pine tree means that it will live a long life, the dreams it will pursue will be successful, and its reputation will be very satisfactory to the dreamer.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream cut off pine and cypress, the parents abandoned. "Secret Secretary"

  There is pine and cypress on the roof, and Yishou. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Mengbai. The main spirit of this dream is strong, very beautiful and cold, but unfortunately not suitable for the ear. "Secret Secretary"