Dreaming of hazel is a good dream, signifying harmonious family relationships and successful career investments.

  Young people dream of eating hazelnuts, which means that you will make sincere friends and spend many good times together.

  Dreaming about hazel

  Dreaming of eating hazelnuts heralded an increase in fortune.

  Dreaming of hazelnut trees heralded an increase in wealth.

  Dreaming of not having hazelnuts foreshadows loss in life.

  Dreaming of eating chestnuts, the parents changed.

  Dream of picking chestnuts, parents will live a long and healthy life.

  Dreaming of peeling chestnuts, you may solve a problem that cannot be solved for a long time.

  Dream of frying or cooking chestnuts, beware of being deceived by someone you trust.

  Dreaming of eating chestnuts indicates that you may have an unusual relationship with the opposite sex.

  Dreaming of processing chestnuts, indicating a loss of business, but there will be a pleasant partner in life.

  Young woman dreams of eating chestnuts or divining with chestnuts, she will have a fairly rich lover and live a rich life.