Ginkgo tree, also known as ginkgo tree, grows slowly and has a very long life. Under natural conditions, it takes more than 20 years from planting to ginkgo fruit, and a large number of fruits can be obtained after 40 years. The meaning of "Sun Deshi" is the old star in the tree. Ginkgo trees have an appreciation, economic, and medicinal value. Ginkgo biloba is the oldest gymnosperm left over from the Quaternary Glacier. It is one of the most precious tree species in the world and is therefore regarded as the "living fossil" in the plant kingdom.

  Dreaming of ginkgo leaves falling all over the ground indicates that the love is not smooth, and you may encounter a blow. Most of your current love is unrequited. Plan early, divert your attention, and avoid deeper injuries.

  Dreaming that ginkgo trees are prone to unrequited love and secret love, the progress of love is not as smooth as expected, making you feel very frustrated, discouraged, and even give up.

  Dreaming of ginkgo, this is a good sign, indicating that the dreamer will have good luck.

  Woman dream ginkgo, if already pregnant , this is a boy harbinger of children.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream Ginkgo, Kyrgyzstan. Scholar dreams will be expensive, samurai dreams will make great achievements, the king's dreams will be good, and ordinary people will be rich. The conception of fetal pregnancy is a long journey, Kyrgyzstan. Mysterious Dreams

  Case Study of Dreaming of Ginkgo

  Dreamland description: Seeing a lot of particularly ancient ginkgo trees, the surrounding area is particularly beautiful, and there are foggy ones, as if they have reached a fairyland.

  Dreamland analysis: Love is not going well. It is likely that your willingness to give is just your wishful thinking, so you need to re-examine whether there is a need to continue.