Cypress trees typically grow in typical Mediterranean regions and are often planted in cemeteries. Because of this, it has become a symbol of death, expressing the hope of regeneration and continuity of life.

  Dreaming of cypress trees indicates that the spirit is strong, pretty and cold, but untimely.

  Dreaming of cypress trees growing at home, indicating that luck is extremely prosperous.

  Dreaming of evergreens like pine and cypress usually foreshadows your health and longevity, and a happy life and career.

  Dreaming of sparse pine and cypress trees, you may have disease. Remind you not to be stubborn, don't believe too much in your physical strength, the body is the capital of your career.

  Dreaming of lush foliage and turquoise pines and cypresses means that you are healthy, energetic, healthy in your family, rich in life, and loyal.

  Dreaming of pine and cypress growing in the room, foretelling the health and longevity of parents, and will help you in life or career.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Birth at home, great luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Mengbai. The main spirit of this dream is strong, very beautiful and cold, but unfortunately not suitable for the ear. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream cut off pine and cypress, the parents abandoned. "Secret Secretary"

  There is pine and cypress on the roof, and Yishou. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dream Case Study of Cypress

  Dream description: Last night I dreamed of seeing a lot of small cypress seedlings on the hill in our hometown, thinking about saying, which one to pull, but I do n’t know why I went there, but there is a small tree I know what has been "chopped" and it looks very good. I feel that this small tree will grow well when I grow up. I picked it up and said that the roots were cut off, leaving a little root, I wonder if I know In this way, can you plant, prepare to take home and plant in an empty place outside the house.

  Dreamland analysis: I dreamed that Songbai was chopped off. Fortunately, it was not you who cut it. Songbai represents strong health. Dreaming of Songbai is a good sign.