Dreaming that the banana tree is empty, life is not smooth.

  Farmers dreamed of banana trees, indicating a bumper harvest this year.

  Dreaming of eating bananas, predicting the risks of your career is annoying, and you feel overwhelmed by the burden of responsibility.

  Dreaming of seeing a rotten banana means that you will soon be working in an unsatisfactory industry.

  Dreaming of a banana string, predicting that your companion will make you feel boring. You don't like him at all, but you can't avoid his entanglement.

  Dreaming that you are buying bananas, it means that you are doing nothing profitable, and such things will be more and more.

  Students dreaming of picking bananas foreshadows that the dreamer's continuous efforts will be rewarded and his grades will be improved.

  The businessman dreamed of picking a banana, saying that the recent talks have become a big business that has been working hard for a long time.

  A woman dreams of picking a banana, indicating that a male friend around her will progress from friendship to love with you.

  Men dream of picking bananas, foretelling that they will meet leaders with similar views at work, and will be appreciated and reused by leaders.

  Dream Case Study of Banana Tree

  Dream description: I dreamed about the banana tree last night. In the dream, I went back to my home with my husband and son. I saw a lot of banana trees in the roadside, and they were full of bananas. So we climbed up to pick bananas. But this banana is said to be delicious before it is cooked. So the three of us went back to our hometown and told my mother-in-law to cook bananas. It seemed to be steamed, but after it was steamed, it turned out to be fish. When it was put on the table, it turned into potatoes. The son took a bite and said that he was not very familiar. He had to steam it for a while, but he woke up before eating at the end. I don't know what this dream foreshadowed. Which expert helped to analyze it.

  Dream Analysis: This dream predicts that the risks of your career will be annoying and you will feel overwhelmed by the heavy burden of responsibility.