Dreaming of Huai Shu, Huai word, the left half is "wood" and the right half is "ghost". When everyone mentions "ghost", everyone will be creepy and frightened. Therefore, dreaming of this tree in dreams is also an ominous sign. Pay more attention to your body, and be careful about everything.

  Dreaming of locust trees usually means that you may have a secret emotion or secret deep in your heart. You secretly hide it in your heart and do not want anyone to know.

  If the branches of the locust tree in the dream are luxuriant, it means that your feelings are rich, deep, and true.

  If you dream about the locust tree blooming, it may indicate that the secret wish or emotion in your heart may be realized.

  The man dreamed that the locust tree was going to go far, but there were obstacles but no harm. It was better to make a detailed plan before deciding.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: dreaming of locust trees, this is a sign of danger. "Huai" is "ghost" next to "wood", not good. Although it is a "dramatic dream", you don't have to be sullen. You must know that things must be reversed. Maintaining a peaceful state of mind and not doing immoral things, of course, a "dramatic dream" is irrelevant.

  Dream Case Study of Huaishu

  【Case number one】

  Dreaming description: I walked slowly in the grove of locust trees in my dreams, quietly thinking about my mind. At this time, the green leaves of the locust tree were full of branches, and there were fragrant flowers. I walked slowly, enjoying the peace and fragrance that nature gave me. (Female, 22 years old)

  Dream analysis: Huai Shu's dream shows that you have a little secret in your heart. Dreaming of locust trees indicates that your inner world has a treasure in your heart in the recent period. You don't want to tell it to others, secretly hiding in your heart. Dreaming of green leaves full of branches shows that your emotional world is sincere; dreaming of locust trees blooming indicates that your most secret wish or emotion can be realized.

  [Case 2]

  Dreaming description: Xiaoxiao is a college student and a girl with a good personality. In the middle of the night, Xiao Xiaomeng came to a grove of locust trees, where the locust branches were leafy and blooming with delicate flowers, which was very beautiful. She walked slowly in the grove of locusts, quietly thinking about her own mind, while enjoying the peace and fragrance that nature gave her alone. Looking at the green leafy locust tree, Xiaoxiao's mood followed.

  Dreamland analysis: Generally speaking, the dream of locust tree indicates that there will be a secret in the dreamer's heart. Dreaming of the locust tree indicates that the dreamer recently has an emotional treasure in his inner world. Dreamers do not want to share with others, so they hide it secretly in the deepest part of their hearts;

  The flower of the locust tree in the dream indicates that the dreamer will realize the most secret wish or emotion in his heart;

  The green leaves of the locust tree in the dream show that the dreamer's emotional world is sincere.