Dreaming of vines is a sign of a happy life.

A man dreams of vines indicates success in his career.

A woman dreams of planting vines indicates happiness in the family, a happy life, filial piety to children, and a wealthy husband to rely on.

The old man dreams of planting vines, which means that he will live a long and healthy life and have many children.

Business people dream of planting vines, which indicates that there will be big business and good fortune in the near future.

Dreaming of others planting vines indicates that you may encounter difficulties yourself and you need to be prepared.

Dreaming of withered vines indicates that you may encounter a series of bad luck, so be careful.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The vine master succeeded.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of vines is auspicious omen. A man dreams of planting vines, his career will be successful. A woman dreams of planting vines means that her children are twins, her husband is rich, and the whole family lives happily. The old man dreamed of planting vines, he would have five generations under one roof, and his life would be Nanshan. The businessman dreamed of planting vines, indicating that he would do a business, the business would go smoothly, and he would make a fortune. To dream of others planting vines is a bad omen and implies that there will be difficulties.

Case study of dreaming about grape vines

Dream description: I had a dream today! I dreamed that my own vines grew into the living room, and a lot of grapes were knotted on them. The grapes were blue. I was afraid of being picked by a child , and I used a rope to tie the vines to a high place! It seems that a few elders are helping me, but the specific ones are very vague! When I went out, I took a special look at the upstairs, and the one next to it was still on it; (There were 2 vines in front of my house, but When I was in junior high school in my hometown, I took them to the rooftop on the second floor. My hometown is a traditional house built by myself in the countryside.)

Dream analysis: Grapes have many seeds, which means that there are many children and many blessings. To dream that the vines have grown into the home is a good thing, indicating that happiness is long and life is satisfactory.