The ancients often gave away willows and gave them farewells, so in dreams, the willows had a meaning of parting.

  Dreaming of willows often indicates the sorrow of losing friends, and may also warn you to pay special attention to the relationship between men and women, reminding you to be careful.

  Men dream of willow trees, so it's best not to travel recently to avoid encountering bad things.

  A woman dreaming of a willow tree may suggest that the lover has been unfaithful to you in the recent past, and you may have cut off from him for this reason.

  Dreaming of willow branches sprouting indicates that your wishes will be realized, and there may be unexpected surprises.

  Dreaming of willow branches swaying in the wind, or dreaming of weeping willows by the water, indicates that you will have emotional ups and downs. There may be gossip or emotional disputes, be careful not to be implicated in multi-angle love.

  Dreaming of a withered willow tree, heralding misfortune.

  Dream water edge weeping willow, the event peach disputes.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dreaming of willows, the Lord's long-lasting things. There is a girl at home, when the son of Liu will propose, and there is an eldest son at home, I am afraid that there is a fireworks private contract. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream water Liu, Ji. In this dream family, there is nothing wrong with doing things without hindrance, seeking wealth and fortune, seeking for a name and a name, seeking for profit is also good, and everything is safe and smooth. Mysterious Dreams

  Sleepwalking weeping willow bunch clothes. Weeping willows, delicate things; bunchers, detention also. The man dreams of this, the Lord must have a betrayal with the beauties, and reluctantly; the woman dreams of this, the person the Lord intends to rely on the image of mind. Mysterious Dreams

  Dreaming weeping willow, fierce. In this dream, the man's master loses, the woman's master has no life, and everything is unlucky. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream willow. This dreamer is separated from his friends, or there is evil in Zhangtai. Scholars have this dream, the Lord has a concentric knot of ladies and women; the woman has this dream, the husband is arrogant. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream willow. The Lord is different from his friends, or he has a relationship with Zhangtai. Scholars dream, there is a knot of scholars and women concentric; when women dream, the master husband is a sign of lightness and arrogance. "Secret Secretary"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: In Chinese mythology, Guanyin sprinkles the water of life with willow branches. The willow is the main symbol of wisdom, its branches connect to heaven, and its roots connect to hell. However, the willow tree in the dream is not a good omen. The willow tree represents water and crying, sorrow and lost love, reminding dreamers to be cautious when dealing with things.

  Psychological analysis: Men dream of willow trees. In the recent period, it is best not to travel, so as to avoid unpleasant things. Women dream of willows, and during this time they will find that their friends are not faithful to themselves and may even cut off contact.

  Dream Case Study of Willow

  [Dream Example 1]

  Dream description: Someone dreamed of taking a friend to play with him one night, and led him to the room to visit the willow tree in the master bedroom of his home. The height of the willow tree probably reached the top of the house. The friend saw the willow tree and was surprised. He also stroked the willow tree, boasting that it was very good and strong.

  Dreamland analysis: The master bedroom is the place where people live, representing the personal life of the dreamer. Leading friends to visit, friends praise, is the great satisfaction of dreamers to their own happiness, I hope others know their happiness. The lush willow tree here refers to the relationship between husband and wife, which means that the relationship is deep; the weeping willow gives a warm and sweet feeling, indicating that the life between husband and wife is very harmonious. The willow reaches the roof and fills the entire room. This willow, to some extent, also represents the wife of the dreamer, indicating that she is a gentle and considerate wife. She has an independent and strong side in her character and is the pride of the dreamer. This dream is generally a good dream, but care must be taken when couples get along, not because small mistakes will affect the harmony between them.

  [Dream Example 2]

  Dream description: I dreamed that I was sitting by the lake, the lake was green, reflecting the reflection of the willow on the shore. The lake is covered with willow trees, and the willow branches hanging down are tender and green, as if to tell people that spring has come. (Male, 24 years old)

  Dream analysis: The willow tree in the dream is not a good dream, remind you to be cautious when doing things. Men dream of willows, warning you that you'd better not travel in the near future, so as to avoid unpleasant things; women dream of willows, suggesting that during this time you will find that your friends are not faithful to you, which will make you cut off from it .