The owner of the tree is healthy, and the tree is straight and upright, which symbolizes human health.

  In dreams, the trunk means health, and the branch symbolizes a part of the body. However, this is not absolute. Trees with lush foliage symbolize vigorous youth. On the contrary, dry trees symbolize oldness, weakness, and exhaustion. In general, most of the trees dreamed are good dreams.

  Dreaming of green trees, will be strong, and the family will increase the population.

  Dreaming of planting trees, you will be happy, your family will be happy, and someone will give you gifts.

  Dreaming of lush trees is a precursor to luck. If it is a green tree, it means that you may meet unexpectedly with a good friend.

  Dreaming of a tree full of new leaves indicates that your hopes of enthusiastic celebration will soon become reality.

  Dreaming of dead trees means that you will have no choice but to face the coming sadness and loss.

  I dreamed that the originally lush trees suddenly withered, indicating that there would be a big change in the family, causing the originally prosperous family to begin to fall.

  Dreaming about dead trees may also remind you to pay attention to your physical health. Calamity may come, diseases may be entangled, and you usually pay attention to the usual pain and treat it in time.

  Dreaming that the dead tree blossoms and bears fruit again, which foreshadows you to revive the door wind, the family property is booming, come on!

  Dreaming of a large forest means happiness in life and enjoy it!

  Dreaming of climbing a tree symbolizes that you will be given the opportunity to ascend quickly.

  Cutting down a tree in a dream or uprooting a tree all heralds that you will waste and trample on your energy and wealth in an incredible way.

  Dreaming of cutting down giant trees, this is a sign of breaking your fortune. Be careful of your investment and analyze the risks.

  Dreaming about the newly felled green trees indicates that unexpected happiness will appear untimely when you are frowning.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Ascend the tree, fame and fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  The feller, the Lord's fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See the dead tree, the Lord's calamity is coming. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See the green trees and keep fit. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Cut down big trees and get rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Under the tree, noble people shelter. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Dream tree is turning. Dreaming that the owner of the house had died, the powerful man suddenly broke up. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream tree suddenly breaks, fierce. The big man has a small relationship, and those who have this dream will die, or those who are capable of themselves will encounter trouble or even die. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream tree fell on the house. This is a sign of urging people to migrate. If they don't move in time, they will suffer the fate of the finch, and the family business will be embezzled and decayed. But if the dreamer is released, he will be promoted; otherwise, the superior will suffer. Fortune seekers like to descend from the sky, and there are many benefits. Fame and fortune is amazing. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream big shade body, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is a sign of protection for the noble, and can be honored. The dreamer, whatever he does, can receive the help of nobles, and thus make himself prominent. Mysterious Dreams

  Mengdeng Dashu, Daji. This dream is a sign of self-solidification. Those who have this dream, seek their names, gain their profits, and everything goes smoothly, which is a sign of good fortune. Mysterious Dreams

  Mengdeng big tree. The one who dreams of this is the main anti-dumping and glorious. Mengdeng the big tree, the Lord is a sign of good fortune, seeking for a name, for profit. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream family tree with fruits. In this dream, the Lord has a great harvest. He has no sons and sons, is unemployed and unemployed. He has a clue, hopes for success, enjoys the elderly, straightens his case, has a good reputation and a harmonious marriage. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream family tree leaves, daji. In Meng Ye's home, the Lord has a good harvest. Those who have no children have this dream, Lord Tim; those who are unemployed have this dream, and the Lord has karma. There is a clue in everything, hope can be achieved, the elderly can enjoy peace, the disputes can be leveled, the fame is in hand, the marriage is harmonious, and everything is possible. Mysterious Dreams

  Dreaming of the big trees falling, everything you want; building a house, big rich. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of a big tree falling down to build a house, Dafu. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of a tree, longevity. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Those who dream of the tree have happy events. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dreaming of a tree break, damage the brother. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

  Dream felled the big tree, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is a sign of wealth. If you dream of cutting down the trees in your home, you may lose your property, so be careful. Scholars have this dream friend. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream wind blows big trees, fierce. Dream this bereavement minister, bereavement wife, hurt the brave generals, harm the good ministers, and dream the narrow parents. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream green shade, Ji. This dream is a sign of peace in danger. If the person with fever gets this dream, the disease will heal. Mysterious Dreams

  Those who dream of raising the tree are fierce. This dreamer has a lot of dangers, and the best strategy is to abstain from precaution. Mysterious Dreams

  The dream fell suddenly in the tree, and the Lord was wounded. "Secret Secretary"

  Dreaming on the tree. Dreaming of the Lord's fame and fortune, the house is restless, and the disease is difficult to spread. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream tree planting court, Daji. This dreamer's parents are strong in the old age and physically proud. Those who have this dream can have long-lasting joy. Mysterious Dreams

  In the dream tree garden. The host's parents were strong in the old age and boasted a glorious body. "Secret Secretary"

  Suddenly the tree was broken and there were deaths and injuries. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  At Shushengtang, parents were worried. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  At the treetop, he takes the throne. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: A tree is the original structure of a person's inner life. When you see a tree in your dream, you'd better study the pattern carefully when you wake up. If the branches stick out, it means a warm and cute character. If you see a beautiful tree symbolizing a well-organized personality, a large and disorderly tree represents a disordered personality.

  Psychoanalysis: It is thought that the roots of the tree show the connection between humans and the earth. The correct statement should be that the root of a tree means human ability. Represents practical aspects of life, showing pleasure in one's existence. The roots of the tree spreading out show their candor and innocence. On the contrary, the roots of trees that develop deeper are more of a wait and see.

  The trunk indicates how people use their power and how to maintain and support the environment. A rough trunk symbolizes rude character, while a smooth trunk adds a lot of beauty. The branches allow the dreamer to be inspired by the stages of development, while the leaves illustrate how the dreamer affects his surroundings. Tree-climbing shows the goals and skills of dreamers to achieve certain goals.

  Spiritual Symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, you are like a living tree, showing the harmony between heaven and earth and water. By learning to understand your tree of life correctly, you will be able to effectively shape your life in all areas.