Many people are not new to peppercorns. The kind of numbness of peppercorns makes people's tongue unforgettable for a long time. Zanthoxylum also has a bactericidal effect. When a toothache bites a bite of Zanthoxylum when the toothache hurts, the pain will not be felt immediately. In dreams, peppercorns often represent feelings of paralysis or feelings of loss of happiness.

  Dreaming of stealing peppercorns indicates that you will win big prizes or pick up good things.

  Dreaming that the tree is full of peppercorns, indicating that you may be in luck recently.

  Dreaming about the pepper tree indicates that there may be friction and affect the mood in life with others, as long as it is properly handled, it will not have too much impact on life.

  Dreaming of picking peppercorns indicates that I will work very hard, but I will soon be happy.

  Dreaming of fried peppercorns, said that he will be very happy.

  Dreaming of eating peppercorns indicates that he will suffer heavy losses due to carelessness.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream pepper, daji. Dream of eating peppercorns with bright eyes, no disease, no ulcers. Women dream of this, expensive in the pepper room or having children. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream Case Study of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

  Dream description: Last night I saw a row of peppercorn trees in the ground. The peppercorns are almost ripe. My sister's child and I started playing under the tree. In the end, I found that there are many peppercorns on the peppercorn tree. I ’m about to mature, and I will tell my sister ’s child that we will pick this up, dry it, and cook it, and he will do it, and we will pick it, and we are afraid that others will see it, but in the end I do n’t know why. Many people were picking, and they said they picked it. In the end, they calculated the amount of money at a pound of 5 cents. I picked it for a while, and I was afraid the owner would ask me for money, so I called my sister's child and left. What does this mean, never dreamed of a pepper tree?

  Dreamland analysis: Congratulations, this is a good dream. I dreamed of stealing peppercorns, I was lucky, I might win a big prize!