There is a kind of flower that they are very "united", yes, they are very "united", because they always grow together like a ball, they have a very vivid name called "hydrangea".

Hydrangea is a common garden flower, its umbels are like snowballs, clustered in oval green leaves, it is really beautiful. As an important flower and tree in summer, hydrangea blossoms from hundreds of flowers, supporting them like a ball. The luxuriant ones, the snowflakes compress the trees, and the fragrance fills the courtyard.

Dreaming of lush hydrangea is a symbol of unity and cohesion. It indicates that the interpersonal relationship is very harmonious, and friends are willing to help you.

Dreaming of hydrangea withering indicates that you may encounter setbacks in your relationship. People who may have been following will travel far away due to family or work reasons.

Dreaming of hydrangea blooming means that the luck of the opposite sex decreases; the person you have a crush on has moved to another place due to his family's work transfer. You are in a bad mood and feel like you suddenly lost your way.

Dreaming of hydrangea indicates that your interpersonal relationship is very smooth; if the friendship between classmates in school will inevitably increase, you may wish to sing your youth.

A man dreams of hydrangeas, it means that your luck is prosperous, which is a good omen.

A single person dreams of hydrangea, which symbolizes that you are going to travel far away, and it is auspicious.

Case analysis of dreaming about hydrangea

Dream description: I dreamed of washing a pot of hydrangea with a watering can with my brother. At first, its leaves were covered with dust. I washed it with big water and it became very clean.

Dream analysis: Hydrangea is a united flower, they grow together to form a ball, and the dust covered on the flower symbolizes the destruction of unity and strength. There is a gap between you and your brother, but fortunately, you are all working hard to restore it. Finally, the feelings can be restored to the same as before.