Zhou Gong Jie Meng dreamed about jasmine

  Jasmine fragrance, very strong aroma, symbolizes marriage.

  Unmarried men dreamed of giving their lover a jasmine wreath, and they were about to get married.

  Dreaming about jasmine is a symbol of success in love or personal career.

  The man dreamed of wearing a jasmine wreath, indicating that his wife is loyal to you.

  The unmarried man dreamed of giving his lover Jasmine, heralding the marriage of both men and women .

  If you haven't got married yet, dreaming of wearing a jasmine wreath to your lover indicates that the wedding will be held and the marriage will be smooth.

  Dreaming of jasmine flowers blooming in the field, foreshadows you to do happy things for your children.

  The patient dreamed of receiving jasmine, which indicated that the body was healthy.

  The pregnant woman dreamed of jasmine, foretelling that she would have a daughter.

  Dream Case Study of Jasmine

  Dream Description: When I was pregnant , I dreamed one night and dreamed that I came to a yard full of brightly colored red flowers, which was very beautiful. But there was a jasmine flower that was larger than the other flowers. I picked it because I thought it was the most beautiful one. In the end, I picked up the jasmine and was chased by the old man in the hospital. I ran while holding the flower ... and then I woke up.

  Analysis of dreams: pregnant women dream of jasmine flowers, indicating that you will have a lively and lovely daughter.