Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of red flowers

  Safflower always represents a happy event, and in the dream is a sign of good luck and wealth.

  Dreaming of safflower is a sign of getting rich.

  Dreaming of trees blooming red, you will get unexpected money.

  The businessman dreamed that the tree bloomed red, indicating that the business was booming and that he would get rich.

  Dreaming of red flowers also means that I will always live happily.

  Dreaming that the red flowers in the garden were withered, indicating a great calamity.

  Dreaming of someone destroying safflower is a harbinger of disaster.

  Dreaming that safflower is more beautiful, it is an auspicious sign.

  Dream of picking red flowers, booming business or a happy family, you will find good people.

  Dream Case Study of Safflower

  Dream description: Dreaming of lovers marrying others , and dreaming of old trees blooming many red flowers, solve!

  Dreamland analysis: Safflower is a harbinger of wealth in dreams. Dreaming of your lover marrying someone else indicates that your relationship will be better, and you will soon enter the palace of marriage.