Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams about cotton

  Dreaming of cotton is a symbol of wealth and foresight and happiness.

  Dreaming of a large area of ​​cotton land indicates that you will become rich and rich in the future, and be happy and rich in old age.

  Dreaming of picking cotton peaches in the field indicates that your income will increase, or your business will be booming, and your profits will be huge.

  There are many colors of cotton in the dream, which indicates that your future life will be warm and happy.

  Dreaming that the wind is blowing away the cotton indicates that you may have unexpected financial losses.

  Dreaming of yellow cotton, heralding you will marry a rich woman .

  People who run cotton mills dream of cotton, which means they will profit from the appreciation of cotton.

  A businessman dreaming of cotton means that change will make his industry better.

  Seeing a large bundle of cotton in my dream is a good omen for a good time.

  Dreaming that cotton production is growing, which means that prices will rise rapidly and everything will be better.

  Dreaming of cotton wool indicates that you may have an unexpected visitor.

  Dreaming of picking up cotton indicates that the dreamer's life will be very comfortable.

  Pregnant women dream of cotton, which indicates that they will be very healthy. Soon they will have healthy and strong sons. The children are beautiful and tender, and they will give birth smoothly in the future. This is a good sign.

  Original version of Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams about cotton

  See cotton, the Lord is rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Psychology Dream Dreaming Cotton

  Dream interpretation: Cotton is the treasure. Cotton is fluffy and fluffy, symbolizing riches, and wealth is growing like snowballs. Dreaming of cotton means wealth.

  Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of picking cotton in the field, this is an auspicious sign, which means that business is booming and financial resources are rolling in. Take advantage of the opportunities to make money. Dreaming of yellow cotton implies that a rich woman will be married. The married man dreamed of yellow cotton, suggesting that his wife could make a fortune recently.

  Dream Case Study of Cotton

  Dream description: I seem to have seen reports of colored cotton somewhere, I do n’t know if it was actually cultivated, but in my dream, I dreamed of colored cotton. Colored cotton comes in red, pink, and yellow. The entire cotton land is like a large garden. (Female, 20 years old)

  Dreamland analysis: Cotton in dreams represents good luck and happiness. Dreaming of a large area of ​​cotton land means that you will become rich. Dreaming that I was picking cotton indicated that business would soon have good luck and make a lot of money. Dreaming of colorful cotton heralds a happy life in the years to come.