Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of wild flowers

  Dreaming of wild flowers indicates that you will have a happy and exciting adventure.

  Dreaming of picking wild flowers implies that you want to leave your current partner.

  Psychology Interpretation

  Dreamland commentary: Seeing flowers in your dreams indicates your feelings in both joy and beauty. You know from this that you will face new things, so you need to be inspired and do everything in the future. If you receive a bouquet of flowers, it means that you are rewarded for your achievements. The color of the flower is also very important (dream of color).

  Psychoanalysis: Flowers symbolize the principles of women and children. Flower buds show potential power. A blooming flower represents an impending development.

  Spiritual Symbol: From a psychic perspective, flowers symbolize love and compassion.

  Case Study of Dreaming Wildflowers

  Dream description: I am a junior and my boyfriend is abroad. We have a good relationship. Facing senior year and employment, I have been thinking about various possibilities after graduation recently. Last night I dreamed that in the beautiful field in the countryside (the remote field over the family's home), it was a beautiful sea of ​​flowers (a neat wild flower). I think it is a beautiful and colorful phalaenopsis, but waking up and thinking about it is not a real phalaenopsis. There are also vitex flowers in my hometown. I ca n’t remember purple or blue. I picked two bunches of flowers and wanted to sandwich them in the book. I remember that book was the civil servant exam textbook I was using. I saw it when I turned the book. In the past, the butterfly specimens contained in the book, at this time my high school classmates came over (his undergraduate university is the university I want to take the postgraduate study, like he consulted related information a few days ago) he told me not to pick this flower in the future Cool, it will affect the girl's physical health, I remember I also asked him if he would be unable to become pregnant . Later I forgot, just remember these.

  Dreamland analysis: Long-distance love is the biggest test of the relationship between the two parties. Although on the surface you think you are in a good relationship, you may often have to make phone calls, Internet videos or something, but you ca n’t deny the impact of distance on your relationship. Deep in your heart, you still have a certain degree of suspicion. You want to give up a little, but you are afraid that others will say that you will give up, and you will not dare to break up with him.