Dreaming of a lot of corn kernels is a sign of family harmony, loving couples, and long-lasting happiness.

Graduates dream of a lot of corn kernels, the job interview luck picks up. Recommendations from relatives and friends are a shortcut. At the same time, to apply for a job in a new field and a new environment, there are often more opportunities and better luck.

When a man dreams of a lot of corn kernels, you have to be aware of the current affairs and wait quietly for the opportunity.

Unmarried men and women dream of a lot of corn kernels, which indicates that your romance is down. Your vision improves, and you attach importance to the fit of material and spirit, but it is difficult to gain. It is not easy for couples to communicate with each other, each with their own minds, and speaking out in order to resolve the crisis.

The businessman dreamed of many corn kernels, indicating that there will be unexpected surprises in the near future. http:///

A traveler dreamed of a lot of corn kernels, which means that you will get a chance to travel recently, take good care of your body, and be prepared!

Investors dream of a lot of corn kernels. In terms of financial management, a stable deposit can best give you a sense of security.

Dreaming that the corn kernels grow luxuriantly indicates that there will be good luck in the near future.

To dream of peeling the mottled corn kernels indicates that you will usher in all aspects of success and happiness.

To dream of others collecting corn kernels indicates that you will be happy for the success of your friends or relatives.