Dreaming of mulberries means that illness will prevent you from fulfilling your wish, and friends often visit you, hoping that your help can relieve their pain and suffering.

A woman dreams of eating mulberries indicates that she can give birth to a child with great achievements in the future.

To dream of eating mulberries indicates something that makes people feel painful and disappointed.

In the traditional Dreamsmeaning Book , a pregnant woman dreams of eating mulberries, implying that you will give birth to a precious child. If you are a married woman, you are about to become pregnant , or you will give birth to clever and intelligent children, which will make your whole family prosperous.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of eating mulberry indicates that the stock market will be a sign of rising.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Mengsang. There are good and bad dreams in this dream. Those who dream of mulberry trees will be elusive in the year, and nothing is blunt; those who dream of sparse mulberry trees will produce less life, but things will be better. Dreaming that the mulberry tree is dry, everything is auspicious. Cultivating mulberry trees is hard to protect. Mulberry trees in the rain are hard to eat. The body is tied to the sang, the heart hurts. Li Ruomengsang, worry and loss. Marriage is like Mengsang, you can't get married. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengsang. The master has the management, the name is obvious and the profit is real, although it is uncertain, although it is lost, it can be gained. Sangyin is the same mourning, the patient dreams, but it can be worrying. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of squatting on the bottom. The person who dreams of this will determine the declining fashion of the pros, when the winter is warm and the summer is quiet, and the night is sleepy, so as to raise their ambitions. If the service is not full, and there is a lack of willingness, the prescribed medicine will be invalid. Menglin Xuanjie

In the house of Sangsheng, the Lord is worried. Dreamsmeaning Book