The colorful corals in the dream represent friends.

Dreaming of beautiful and colorful corals indicates that you will meet friends from all over the world.

Dreaming of red coral means that you will have an honorable friend.

Dreaming of pink coral means that you have strong social skills, good relationships, and many friends.

Dreaming of white coral indicates that you will meet many new friends.

Dreaming that the coral is broken indicates that you may have a cold war between you and your partner due to the decrease of your love fortune recently, and the recent decrease in your love fortune may cause quarrels between yourself and your partner because of some trivial matters. In recent days, you need to communicate with your partner more and more to accommodate your partner’s opinions and so on.

A pregnant woman dreams of coral is an auspicious sign, which means that the possibility of a female baby in your womb is very high.

Pregnant women dream of pink corals, which implies that you are popular, have very good social skills, and have many friends. At the same time, it reminds you to go out to socialize less, and that your baby's safety and health are the most important at this time.

A pregnant woman dreams of red coral, which implies that you will make a very expensive friend and can bring great help to the pregnant mother.

If a pregnant woman dreams that a stranger will give her coral, it is a good omen, suggesting that you will get help from the noble person; or a friend from afar will come to visit her!

A pregnant woman dreams of white coral, which implies that your life is going smoothly and get along well with family and friends; it also implies that the baby in the abdomen is very healthy and the growth and development is very stable.

Pregnant women dream of broken corals, you have to be careful. This is an unlucky sign. One implies that you will have a dispute with others, mostly with close family or friends; the other implies that you or your baby may appear. Health issues, remind you to pay more attention to your health.

Case study of dreaming about coral

Dream description: I dreamt that corals of various colors grow in the sea , red, white, yellow, and blue. Some of them resemble pine trees, and some of them look like flowers. They are very beautiful. In my dream, I was thinking about how many patterns are formed by this little coral. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The colorful corals in the dream represent friends. Dreaming of red corals indicates that you have a distinguished friend, you should get along with it, and don’t lose your temper at will; dreaming of pink corals indicates that you are very social, so you have more friends; dreaming of white corals , Which indicates that you will meet a lot of new friends.