To dream of rice is a symbol of prosperity.

You dream of being cut rice or wheat harvest, it is to imply that you can not in cloudy or rainy days ran out on a date with a lover, because this is an unlucky warned that there might therefore run into traffic accidents.

Dreaming of a good harvest of rice is a happy event.

Dream of water rice, good omen, life worry about food and drink.

Farmers dream of mature rice, which will lead to a bumper harvest.

The businessman dreams of mature rice, the business will be profitable.

Paddy is also a harvest, it is an expression of business success. Dreaming about harvesting rice indicates success.

Dreaming that you are harvesting rice, you can expect lucky men and women to socialize. But definitely avoid dating on rainy days, because there is a possibility of traffic accidents.

Dreaming that someone else is harvesting rice indicates that you will share the joy of success with your friends.

A married man dreams of harvesting rice will give birth to a beautiful boy.

A businessman dreamed of harvesting rice, and he wanted to open up a new business site and make a fortune.

Dreaming of a stranger harvesting rice will be damaged.

To dream of the enemy harvesting rice is an ominous omen, and the enemy will create obstacles to oneself.

Dream of eating valley, good luck. Scholars dreamed of this, but did not get a job title, and they have gained rank; ordinary people dream of this, they have surplus grain, and they have savings; farmers dream of this, the fields are mature, and the harvest is abundant.

Dreaming that you are beating rice indicates that you will enjoy the joy of success.

To dream of rice being burned or spoiled is to remind you to handle your property and business affairs carefully.