Dreaming of white radish, good luck, life will be happy.

  The woman dreamed of white radish and would soon become pregnant .

  The pregnant woman dreamed that pulling white radish, auspicious sign , was a sign of having a son .

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dreamland commentary: Radish is a vegetable often used in people's lives. Although it is not precious, it is rich in nutrition and is a necessity for people's health. Especially in winter, it is better to eat radish. Dreaming of eating raw radish indicates that you may have guests at home. The man dreamed of eating radish, indicating that he would make good friends, live comfortably, and be economical. If you haven't got married yet , it means you might marry a shrew. A woman dreams of eating radish, and if she is married, her pregnancy is predicted. If you are not married, it means that you may be poor after marriage and your husband will be poor. The patient dreamed of eating radish, which was a good thing, indicating that he was gradually recovering. Dreaming of making radish dishes may indicate that you will suffer from poverty and hunger, or that your family will be sick. Dreaming of selling radishes indicates that you will be frustrated at work and in danger of being fired. Dreaming of buying radishes indicates that your family will come to your guests. It takes a lot of energy and money to entertain, and you need to prepare in advance.

  Psychoanalysis: Radish indicates good friendship and marriage.

  Spiritual Symbol: Radish symbolizes growth and fertility and emotions.