Dreaming of lentils indicates quarrels and bad situations.

  For young women , this dream foreshadows that she does not like her partner, but under the pressure of both parents, she will have to accept a long-established marriage.

  Dreamed of beans is Xiangrui.

  Men dream of beans, life will be happy and rich.

  When a woman dreams of beans, she will become a virtuous helper, and she will arrange housework in an orderly manner.

  Tourists dream of beans, and a car accident will occur on the way .

  Dream of eating beans, you will get sick, or your health will deteriorate.

  Pregnant women dream of beans, and embryos can happen unexpectedly.

  The patient dreams of beans, and the condition will gradually improve.

  The prisoner dreamed of beans and was punished with an increased sentence.

  Dreamed of eating mixed beans, going for a long journey.

  Dreaming of buying beans will be destitute.

  If you dream of giving beans to others, your guests will come.

  Dreaming of selling beans, Xiangzhao, will be invited to a banquet.

  The businessman dreamed of Dou, and soon received a lucrative business, and the talks were very successful.

  The unmarried man dreamed of eating peas and would soon enter the auditorium with his beloved.