The dream forest is a symbol of wealth and harvest, and it also means pregnancy .

  Dreaming of strolling in the fruit forest heralds getting rich.

  Dreaming of fruitful fruit in the fruit forest indicates that you will have a rich harvest, a successful career, and a wealth of wealth, or you will be promoted.

  I dreamed that I was rowing a boat to the fruit forest and saw a lot of peach blossoms. Your career has a new territory, or your relationship will have a breakthrough development.

  It is a good sign to dream of fruitful trees. Imply that you will have a lot of wealth.

  Entrepreneurs dream of fruit trees, and their careers will flourish in the future. If you are an office worker, you will be promoted.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  The fruit tree is in line, and the Lord is rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"