Dreaming of hyacinths, or picking hyacinths, means that there will be a short-term separation from your friends, which makes them feel sad, but it turns out that separation is good for you. It means you are satisfied with the results obtained in your career, and your friends get along well.

  Flowers always represent happy events, and in dreams are good fortunes and wealth.

  Dreaming about flowers means that I will always live happily.

  Dreaming that the flowers in the garden were withered, indicating a great disaster.

  Dreaming about someone destroying flowers is a harbinger of calamity. Dreaming of flowers is even more beautiful and auspicious.

  Dreaming about flowers is a sign of good luck, happiness and joy.

  Dream of picking flowers, booming business or a happy family, you will find good people.

  Dreaming of picking withered flowers is an ominous sign.

  When I dreamed of picking, the flowers were intact, but I thanked them in my hand, which meant that my wish could not be realized and the economy would lose money.

  Dreaming of wearing a wreath is a sign of rising.

  Dreaming of someone sending a garland to herself, indicating a happy marriage and good at literature.

  Dreaming of wearing a corolla, to be a regional leader.

  Dreaming of falling flowers in your hand, you will suffer from disease.

  The patient smells a flower in his dream and he recovers.

  Dreaming of flowers being stomped on your feet, disaster and death will come.

  Dreaming about bouquets means getting something for good luck.

  When lovers dream of bouquets, love will deepen.

  The lovers dreamed that the bouquet fell off during the date and the relationship deteriorated.

  Dreaming that the flowers of the bouquet withered, the wish will not come true, and the relationship will be interrupted.

  Dreaming of your mother-in-law sending flowers to you, you will receive a parcel from your loved one.

  But if the flower is red, you may receive unlucky news.

  Dreaming of smelling flowers, you will meet loved ones who haven't seen you for a long time.