Dreaming of leeks is a bad omen and you will get sick.

To dream of eating leeks, the family needs to pay attention to health.

The patient dreams of leeks, his condition will worsen.

To dream of eating leeks is a sign of illness.

Pregnant women dream of eating leeks and need to pay attention to the health of themselves and their children.

Dreaming of cutting leeks is an ominous sign and a sign of illness.

The patient dreams of cutting leek, the condition will get worse.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream leek. Chive is a homonym of nine, dreaming of eating leeks, going to be an official for nine years, or being an official in nine years; should be named in the ninth or the nine subjects of the qualification examination. The degree of everything is counted as nine. Good or bad luck, according to what you see in your dream or where you are, can be inferred by analogy. Menglin Xuanjie