Dreaming of pomegranate is a good omen, which means that you will fully develop your talents.

A man dreams of pomegranate, relatives and friends will meet.

The old man dreamed of pomegranate, happy old age, and good health.

Married women dream of pomegranate, will baby boy, a boy child.

Dreaming of eating pomegranates indicates that you will admire the personal charm of others.

Dreaming that your lover will give yourself a pomegranate indicates that you will fall into a well-designed trap because of the charm of a woman, and you will almost derail, but your inner strength will help you escape the temptation safely.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream pomegranate, good luck. Scholars dream of this, there are geniuses; warriors dream of this, there are secret strategies; merchants dream of this, and obtain great treasures. Liu and Liu are homonyms, and have the meaning of staying for a long time. If you dream of this marriage, you should be a superfluous person. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of pomegranate. The main fame was accomplished early, and the heirs were many virtuous. Disease dreams are harmless, and lawsuits must be guarded against blame. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream of planting pomegranates, the main marriage is not harmonious. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Western dream interpretation

In the dream, pomegranate is a sign of good fortune and a very good dream. And dreaming of pomegranate, there is also a legend that "the disease will heal".

Dreaming that the pomegranate tree is bright and bright, for young women, it indicates that her boyfriend will be very good, rich in talent, high in social status, and wealthy in the family.

When a married woman dreams of pomegranate, she will be happy and give birth to a boy.

When a man dreams of pomegranate, relatives and friends will meet.