Scratch-off is a kind of entertainment instant lottery first issued by welfare lottery. The price is not high. Although long-term purchases often result in more losses, many people prefer the mood of sudden winning. In dreams, scratching music often represents one's expectation for the outcome of something that has more losses but may be rewarded.

To dream of scratching off scratching music and scratching prizes means that you will have problems with your work recently due to sloppy work. It is likely to be a safety issue. Pay more attention to it.

Dreaming that you have won the big prize by scratching it indicates that you will lose money.

Dreaming that others are buying scratching music means that you will bring losses to others and lead to the breakdown of the relationship between the two parties.

To dream of winning prizes in Scratch Music, you should fight for things that are good for you at the right time, don't just be bored in your heart. Your considerateness to your lover warms the other's heart. Remember to live within your means while spending money generously for your intimate partner. If there is a division of labor with others, you must keep abreast of each other's progress!