Dreaming of medical cocaine indicates a prosperous business and a thriving business.

  Dreaming of cocaine dreams indicates that you will experience frustration and pain.

  Men dreaming of drug use heralds mistakes in life.

  Women dream of drug use, and budgets set aside emotions.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: If you dream about drugs or drugs, you may need outside help to change your consciousness. If you dream about taking drugs, it means that you think you have lost control of your life and you want to accept external stimuli. If you experience an unpleasant drug use in your dreams, it is a sign of fear of loss of reason. If you dream about taking drugs inadvertently, you may be forced to accept an unpleasant fact.

  Psychoanalysis: You may want to use drugs to deny the facts. Of course, drugs can also be a drug that helps restore a balanced mind. If you accept a medicinal drug that a connoisseur handed you, you are accepting more sophisticated knowledge of others. If you get drugs from illegal sources, it can be explained that you are prepared to risk everything. ( Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams )

  Spiritual Symbols: There are drugs that can lead to a state of mental anesthesia, or change one's consciousness, so they also mark the way to promote awareness. But the value of this kind of knowledge is doubtful, because they achieve their own telepathy through drug use rather than through natural means.