Dreaming of a cute baby lying in the cradle indicates prosperity and love for the cute children.

Dreaming of putting your child in the cradle to shake it means that one of the family members will be seriously ill.

The young woman dreamed of the cradle, heralding her own degeneration, and beware of gossip.

Dreaming of a stroller : Money luck will improve. Needless spending will be reduced, and pocket money can be used in a planned way. There will never be a dilemma due to empty pockets

A woman dreams of a stroller indicates a chance to travel, a safe journey, and friends.

The unmarried person dreams of a baby stroller, the love fortune: the love affair is a bit dull, and the monotonous way of getting along makes you think of playing wild food, and there is the possibility of an amorous encounter in a fun occasion.

An office worker dreams of a baby car owner's workplace: a keen mind at work, there will be a tendency to take the initiative to change and challenge oneself. But family affairs have a greater impact on you.

Dreaming of a cute baby sleeping in a stroller indicates that life is thriving, career is prosperous, and a beautiful tomorrow is looking forward to.

If you dream of turning into a child child lying in the cradle, a symbol of the dreamer heart of the baby safe and carefree life of longing.

Dreaming of rocking the cradle to coax the child to sleep indicates that someone in the family may be sick. You should pay attention to the health of your family in the near future.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: dreaming of a cradle can indicate a new life or a new beginning. In a dream with prophetic significance, the cradle represents possible hope or pregnancy . In a man's dream, it symbolizes the hope to return to the state of being embraced or protected by the mother.

Psychoanalysis: The empty cradle—depending on the elements of the rest of the dream—symbolizes a woman’s fear of not having children or of playing the role of a mother.

Spiritual symbol: The material world opposite to the spirit is represented as a cradle.