Paper crane represents love.

  Dreaming of paper cranes indicates that love is smooth and sweet.

  Paper cranes dreaming of the ground represent love is very sweet.

  Dreaming of cranes is a good thing, symbolizing health and longevity or gaining fame; it also means that the immediate troubles are coming to an end, and blessings are caused by disasters, and dangers are eliminated.

  The dream cranes are paired in pairs and amphibious flying, indicating that the couple is loving.

  Dreaming of the crane group indicates that you are lucky and happy. WWW @

  Dreaming of a single crane is not auspicious, indicating that dreamers may lose their spouses.

  The woman dreamed that the fairy crane flew into her arms, indicating that she would be pleased.

  The students dreamed of fairy cranes, indicating that they could be admitted to the ideal school and achieve academic success.

  The businessman dreamed of the fairy cranes, which foreshadows that through steady and steady fights, he will gradually accumulate and obtain rich profits.

  Dreaming that Baihe is flying in the air, it means that your fortune is getting better, and maybe you will also receive a gift from a loved one or an elder.

  The appearance of Heli and Songbai together in Mengli heralds your health and longevity.

  Hearing cranes in your dreams heralds your prosperity.

  Dreaming that you are sitting on a crane flying, foretells that you will get unexpected promotion.

  Dreaming that the crane flew away and disappeared away, indicating that there might be accidental death of children.