Dreaming that you are standing outside the door, as if someone is looking at you through the door mirror, indicating that you will be jealous of villains, even friends and colleagues for no reason.

Dreaming that you look at others with a door mirror means that you are a person who is too cautious and doesn't trust others easily.

Dreaming tripped by the threshold reminds the dreamer that it may be encountered and requires caution.

Dreaming of someone knocking on the door means good luck.

Dreaming that the door was full of various decorations meant business was booming.

Dreaming of the portal opening, heralding the prosperity of the dreamer's family and prosperity.

Dreaming that the portal is closed, indicating that the dreamer has a sense of security and comfort.

Dreaming of coming in through an open door means that the dreamer can control the business market.

Dreaming of the closed door reminds the dreamer to face up to the difficulties encountered, and to face the difficulties, there will be a good solution.

Dreaming of the wooden door shows that the dreamer's feelings are going well.

Dreaming of the big iron gate, it implies that the dreamer will work hard to survive and make unremitting efforts.

Dreaming that he was trying to enter the gate, but was stopped by the janitor, suggesting that the dreamer may have something unpleasant.

The pregnant woman dreamed of entering the door unhindered, which meant that the dreamer gave birth smoothly.

Dreaming of heavily armed soldiers guarding the door, suggesting that dreamers might find employment in the military.