Dreaming of jewelry means that the dreamer recognizes the developing power in himself.

To dream of others giving yourself accessories indicates that you will find a loved one.

To dream of giving jewelry to others indicates the possibility of an affair.

Dreaming of missing jewelry symbolizes the destruction of good wishes. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

To dream that the colors of beautiful decorations become worthless is to warn you that a major disaster will happen in your future.

Men dream of jewellery, and family consumption increases dramatically.

To dream of wearing jewelry, your wife or couple will pass away.

A woman dreams of one or a few jewelry, her husband will be rich.

To dream of wearing gold jewelry or nickel jewelry will cause your husband to fall into poverty or die.

When a girl dreams of wearing jewelry or nickel jewelry, her husband will fall into poverty or die.

A girl dreams of wearing jewelry, she will marry a wealthy family.

Dreaming of someone stealing jewelry makes the dream of making a fortune hard to come true.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream of changing colors of gold and silver utensils and other jewelry indicates that the stock market implies that high prices cannot be sustained, and low prices will fall again.