Dreamed that he met the president, that you have " school phobia", the heart of the school was very stressful. In fact, as long as you relax your mind, school is also a place full of fun.

To dream of becoming the principal of a school indicates that you will be happy and wealthy.

Dreaming about the principal's related dream interpretation

Dreaming of the childhood enlightenment teacher means that you are reflecting on something;

Dreaming of being taught by a teacher means that you are about to be relieved from a difficult situation;

To dream of talking with a teacher means that you are about to discover your unrealized potential or an opportunity to make progress;

To dream of saying hello to the teacher, you will get a good friend or get a promotion and a salary increase soon;

To dream of being praised by the teacher, there are dark clouds in the academic aspect, due to the days of staying up all night, I actually started to doze off in the class... The result is criticized by the teacher, this is the so-called anti-dream;

Dreaming of being scolded by the teacher means that you are uneasy about your health or actions, and feel that you have done something wrong;

Dreaming of seeing a teacher visit at home, your interpersonal relationship will have problems, and there will be a disputed star above your head. Pay attention to your words and deeds to prevent disputes, especially not being irritable;

Dreaming of a teacher of the opposite sex talking to you intimately, your love luck will decline, and the relationship between lovers will start to become dull, it is best to change the way of dating;

Dreaming that you are in class , your school luck or your career is getting better, and there will be some classmates who give pointers to you. Taking this as an opportunity, your desire to study and work will greatly increase, that is to say, you will have a lot of motivation. Have to work hard;

Case analysis of dreaming about the principal

【Case number one】

Dream description: I often dream of the principal of elementary school chatting with me. We chatted very happily. What does it mean?

Dream analysis: You had a happy childhood and met a dear and respectable principal. The education you received has given you a lot of help and made you unforgettable for life.

【Case Two】

Dream description: I had a magical dream at night. I dreamed that I became a principal. I saw my classmates wearing bright red scarves every day with happy smiling faces on their faces. In my school, the air is very fresh because there is a forest air purifier. As soon as the students walked into the school, they could see the blue sky and white clouds when they raised their heads. They could also hear the birds singing in the woods. When they walked in, they could see a forest. There are many animals in the forest. Elephants and tigers ride at will, pandas and golden monkeys hug them at will. The students will go to the forest to take a breath of fresh air after class. All the classmates are very happy in school, and I am also very happy when I watch them happy.

Dream analysis: Dreaming of this dream may be because you are too stressed. If you are a student, it means that you are tired of the intense learning atmosphere at school, and hope that the burden can be reduced and learning becomes easier. If someone who has already stepped into the society dreams of this dream, it means that on the one hand, you are tired of the current work pressure and want to go back to school. On the other hand, you also hope to be more relaxed in school. However, this is impossible. Whether in school or at work, it is impossible to just play easily. Your idea is unrealistic. You must recognize it in time and focus on work as soon as possible.