Dream of chicken feces guitar, indicating that the rise in all aspects of luck.

  Dreaming that chicken feces had been on her body, heralded good luck and good opportunities at work.

  Dreaming of eating chicken feces indicates that there may be conflicts with other people because of interests, and it should be handled properly.

  Dream of feces in urine dirty body, the main get money.

  Dreamed that the stool was full, the Lord was rich.

  Dreaming of losing urine, the Lord loses his fortune.

  Dreaming of picking dung home, Dajili.

  Dreamed of suffering from the toilet, won the official position.

  Dreaming of going to the toilet, good luck is not bad.

  Dreaming that the toilet was lying on the bed, the Lord got rich.

  Dreaming of the cadre in the toilet, the main house was broken.

  Dreaming of a toilet house, the Lord is wealthy.

  Dreaming that there is feces on the body or stepping on the feces, fortune comes to you; you will realize that everything is going well and everything goes smoothly.

  Dreaming of clothes sticking to faeces and rising money support, I can expect a new income.

  Maybe in addition to pocket money income, there are also part-time accounts.