Dreaming that you are defending yourself with a javelin means that your privacy has been revealed. In order to calm this matter, you have spent a lot of energy.

  If you dream that you were injured by a javelin, it means that the conspiracy of the enemy will succeed, and you will taste the taste of failure.

  Dreaming of someone holding a javelin in your hand symbolizes that your rights will be threatened.

  Dreaming of the Games, a good sign, indicates that interpersonal relationships will be handled well.

  Dream Case Study of Javelin

  Dream description: In the dream, I and some people were practicing javelin on the stadium. Suddenly, a javelin flew towards me, pierced my chest, and I fell down in response, and my staff was unconscious. (Male, 28 years old)

  Dream analysis: The stadium symbolizes the workplace and shopping malls, pierced by javelins flying in the dark, indicating that there is a hidden danger around you, and this danger may erupt and hurt you at any time, so you should pay special attention to competitors.

  Dreaming of using a javelin to protect yourself, saying that because someone has declared you to be dishonest, you are forced to be investigated, and you can prove your innocence after many arguments.