Fax is a common method of office automation and a powerful communication assistant at home. Most of the fax machines currently in use are black and white faxes, and the images they transmit have only the difference between black and white, and no color information. With the development of science and technology, color facsimile, which can transmit both image brightness information and image chroma information, will leap into the communication arena.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Information from secret channels or from the secret part of the self is usually delivered to the dreamer by logical reasoning or some functional tools. Sometimes the information conveyed may be incomprehensible, but the way they are conveyed is very clear.

Psychoanalysis: The dreamer may know that someone wants to establish contact with him.

Spiritual symbol: The fax machine has a spiritual color in the dream, it may convey the message "from another world".

Case analysis of dreaming about fax machine

Dream description: I dreamed that my fax machine suddenly squeaked, gasped, and then caught fire . I didn't know how to get started, helped open the table, and then woke up.

Dream analysis: The fax machine represents the transmission of information. Dreaming that the fax machine is broken means that there is a problem in the transmission of information between you and others, that is, there is a problem in communication. You may as well settle down and think about where the problem is, and then Can be solved.