A credit card refers to a bank card that the bank has added a small credit overdraft function based on the bank card user. The credit card must be returned one month or longer after the overdraft and there will be a small amount of interest. The credit card overdraft limit is related to the credit rating. In dreams, credit cards often represent issues of reputation and trust.

To dream of using a credit card implies that you should be careful not to deceive you or hide the truth from you and cause you trouble.

If you dream of a credit card overdraft, it usually implies that you are aware of your inadequacy and reminds you to work harder.

Dreaming that I have applied for a credit card indicates that my funds will be difficult.

To dream that you are unable to return your credit card indicates that you will get a promotion and salary increase through your hard work.

To dream of canceling your credit card indicates that your living environment will undergo tremendous changes and the economic situation will improve later.