To dream of a clock means that the dreamer realizes that time is life and will work hard.

To dream of an alarm clock ringing warns that the dreamer may be threatened.

To dream that the alarm clock keeps ringing indicates that the dreamer will work hard and work hard for his own career all his life.

To dream that you pay attention to the time of watching the clock in your dream indicates that your thinking is very detailed and will bring you success. If the scale on the watch is not clear, it means that what you do will get twice the result with half the effort.

Dreaming of a clock means that competitors are setting up traps and waiting for you to get the bait. It is better to be careful.

Seeing a clock in a dream, hearing the ticking of the clock, or buying a clock, etc. Don't waste time.

To dream of hearing the clock beating on the hour, it is advisable to take proactive actions, and you will benefit greatly.

Dreaming of winding the clock means only a happy relationship.

Dreaming that the clock stops and does not go, implies that in love, if you behave too indifferently, you may face a crisis; while in work, you may stagnate and your chances of development are relatively small.