Dreaming of a yardstick means that you will inevitably develop anxiety and anxiety despite taking unusual measures on certain matters.

  Dreaming of a ruler heralds meeting a loyal friend.

  Dreaming of a triangle ruler, you will fall into a love triangle.

  Dreaming of a protractor means that you want things to have a satisfactory result.

  Dreaming of a broken ruler, an ominous omen, heralded changes in interpersonal relationships.

  Dreaming of measuring things with a ruler means that you are good at planning and planning.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream long ruler, Kyrgyzstan. The one who dreams about this is enough to convince the public, length and size, only by me; whether it is straight or not, only by my judgment. It can make the difference between the top and the bottom, its power and conspiracy are particularly sufficient to save the world, there is no disorder, and its power will be Mao. Mysterious Dreams

  The dream ruler, betting ruler, paperweight, and measuring ruler. If you dream of it, you have a good plan. Learning from the text, the title of gold list; learning from the martial arts, the waist seal. Noble people get it, and success becomes famous; rich people get it, sons and grandsons. The sick are healed, the disaster is blessed, and poverty has no reliance. Dream loser, the other way around. Mysterious Dreams