Generally speaking, dreaming of tableware indicates a longing for a warm family life.

  Among them, dreaming about spoons and cups will evoke your yearning for femininity.

  And dreaming of shining knives and forks, etc., implies a certain level of aggressiveness deep in your heart.

  Dreaming of a knife and fork indicates that someone is trying to find your job.

  Women dream of knives and forks, indicating unhappy family relationships or broken love.

  Dreaming that the bowl is empty, some wishes may fall through.

  Dreaming that the bowl is full means that everything goes well and the facts go well.

  Dreaming of chopsticks, good luck, good luck.

  Students dreaming of chopsticks means success in school.

  Farmers dreamed that chopsticks would produce a good crop.

  Businessmen dream of chopsticks, doing business can make a lot of money.