Dreaming about cupboards may be a symbol of happiness and tranquility, or a sign of poverty and misfortune. It mainly depends on whether the cupboard is clean, full of smooth utensils, or dirty and empty.

Dreaming of closed cabinets indicates that there are secrets in my heart that I do not want to disclose.

Dreaming of opening the cupboard indicates that you want to open your heart and conceal something publicly.

Dreaming of the kitchen indicates that a profitable life is coming soon.

Dreaming of dishes means that you have a good taste, and soon there will be friends who will invite you to an appointment at the same time. The good wine and food will make you very satisfied. If it is a dream of a dish, it means that you will be troubled by right and wrong, making you unable to resolve it.

Dreaming of an exquisite bowl indicates that life and work are going well.

Dreaming of an empty bowl symbolizes frustration.

Dreaming of a bowl full of things means that you will have your wishes come true.

Dreaming of breaking a bowl reminds you to beware of villains.

Dreaming of washing dishes indicates that you will receive good news and everything is going well.