If the condom you are dreaming about is encapsulated, it means the possibility of sex.

If you dream of an open condom, it means you are frustrated with sex.

If no man exists at the same time as you dream of a condom, it means that you have nostalgia for something.

Dreaming of taking contraceptives before the event indicates that you are a small person.

Taking contraceptive measures after an intercourse will get help from friends at critical moments and will turn danger into danger and save you from danger.

Dreaming of taking birth control pills is a good sign, and there will be festive things in the home.

Unmarried women dream of contraception leads to unsuccessful pregnancies , the loved one will be a playboy, love, and finally ended in failure.

Unmarried men dream of pregnancy failure due to unsuccessful contraception, and will soon be married to their other half.

Dreaming of condom breakage during intercourse is a good sign, merchants will find another way, rich resources, and officials will add officials into the ranks.

Pregnant women dream of taking birth control pills, which is a bad sign. The fetus in the abdomen may be unpredictable, which is very likely to cause premature or miscarriage.