The judge symbolizes authority. If you dream of meeting a judge, it indicates that you and your family will be involved in dishonorable disputes, and you will find it difficult to settle down or you will spend money to fight a lawsuit. If the judge is in a happy mood and relaxed atmosphere in the dream, it may also indicate that you will inherit an unexpected estate.

To dream of becoming a judge, a good omen, indicates that you may be promoted and have authority.

To dream of being interrogated by a judge implies that the dreamer will be punished by law.

To dream of being submitted to the court for a crime implies that you will be punished by law.

To dream that you are facing a judge indicates that a dispute may be a business matter or a divorce case, which will be resolved through legal proceedings. If the case concludes that you win the lawsuit, it means that the lawsuit will have a satisfactory result; if the final judgment goes against you, you will become a defender of justice and will strive to change the injustice.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The judge plays the role of presiding justice in real life.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming is a symbol of justice. Dreaming of meeting with a judge will lead to disputes at home, or suggest that you are in a lawsuit in the workplace or in your life. You will spend a lot of money on this. To dream of becoming a judge implies that you will get an important position in the workplace. Keep working hard and you will have a bright future.

Spiritual symbol: dreaming of meeting a judge will make you lose money; dreaming of becoming a judge will lead to promotion.

Dreaming of a judge case analysis

Last night, I dreamed that I was sentenced to death by a judge. It seemed that there was no beginning. The first impression I gave was that someone took the verdict to me at some time and place. It was written with a list of names, including mine. The name XXX was death sentence, and my body was so bluff that I couldn’t move in a cold sweat and almost burst into tears. I almost didn’t break down. I thought: "It's over, it's over. How can I be so young... Then I thought about it again." No, I didn't commit a crime, what's the matter, and prepared to beg the judge to sentence me to life, and then vaguely did not know what was going on, and seemed to jump into another dream without knowing it. I beg an expert to answer. Although it was in a dream, I didn't know that it was a dream and thought it was true, which scared me terribly.

Dream analysis: add it in a dream, but subtract it in reality! Subtract it in a dream, add it in reality.