Dreaming of an excavator and running away with other women will cause trouble.

Dreaming of driving an excavator indicates that you are studying hard or yearning for it.

The office worker dreams that the excavator is in a stable working condition, has a clear goal, and has a solid attitude, and can strictly implement the work plan until it succeeds. But the thinking is not flexible enough, and assistive work is more suitable.

Case study of dreaming about excavator

Dream description: At first, when I went home, I took the road behind my house. The road was not very wide, and there was a mountain on the side. Whenever I walked, I saw that the mountain was dug a little bit. It seemed that the house was just to make the road clear. It was a little wider. Later, I saw a lot of bricks left in my house by an excavator. They dug them up and threw them under the parking place on the left side of my house. It happened to be an elementary school below, and I saw several children playing in the village. , I almost hit the child , I went to talk to the child, and then the child told me that the snake was killed. I saw a snake. It was very long at first, but not thick. It seemed to be white and black. The snake was hit in the middle, and then I watched the snake struggling. Then the snake suddenly grew bigger and I saw the snake struggling with its mouth open. I always felt that the snake was looking at me all the time. I was scared. After spitting out a few mouthfuls, I saw the snake dead, but it seemed to look at me with my eyes open again. Please explain to the master.

Dream analysis: emotional problems will appear, and recent plans will be blocked by others.