A ferry, also called a ferry, is a passenger ship much smaller than a cruise ship. It usually carries pedestrians, vehicles, and cargo across the river from one end to the other.

Dreaming about the ferry, said that it would work hard to break away from the status quo, achieve its goals, and reach the other side of success.

Dreaming of a ferry indicates that past efforts will make you successful.

The man dreamed that the ship was moored on the pier and would soon go abroad by boat.

The married woman dreamed that the ship would be moored at the dock and would be separated from her husband.

The unmarried woman dreamed that the ship was moored at the dock and would marry a rich businessman.

Dreamed that the steamer was passing by in front of him, and was going to break his fortune.

Dreaming of a steamer approaching himself would make a fortune.

The businessman dreamed that the steamer was sailing towards himself and doing business abroad would make a lot of money.

Dreaming of a ship full of cargo, you can find a good job.

Dreaming of an empty steamship will lose its financial resources.

Dream of warships, can defeat the enemy.

Naval officers dreamed of warships, and could get the highest military merit in future battles.

The crew dreamed of a steamship and had a happy journey.

Dreamed that there were many ships that could be lucky.

Dreaming of shipbuilding, will do low-paid jobs.

Dreaming of a ship breaking, disaster will come.