The smoke in the dream sometimes symbolizes enthusiasm. Perhaps for some reason, this enthusiasm is not so direct and somewhat obscure; sometimes it also represents ideological purification or unhappy troubles. On the spiritual level, it symbolizes the sublimation of the soul and expresses the pursuit of self and inner purity.

When a married person dreams of cigarettes, it may lead to face-to-face suffering. The husband, in order to make a name for himself or save his face, will disregard his physical condition or financial situation, which leads to conflicts between the husband and wife and causes family disputes. Don't care too much about false names.

The girl dreams of smoke, indicating that her future husband-in-law is from a prominent family.

Feeling choked with smoke in the dream may indicate that you have finally given up on those pursuits of fame, or that you will no longer be brave for the sake of face. Naturally, I will soon have enough food, good health, and a happy life. In addition, if the wife dreamed of being choked with smoke, it might indicate pregnancy .

Dreaming of smoking from the chimney indicates that income will increase and business will be prosperous.

The patient dreamed of cigarettes, indicating that his condition might get worse and he would become bedridden.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who see smoke are male and female. Dreamsmeaning Book

The fireworks explode in the dream window, auspicious. The staple food and clothing are plentiful, rich and auspicious. Menglin Xuanjie

The breath is like smoke in the dream, good luck. The literati are auspicious, and the population is scattered. If evil spirits invade your heart, you should be careful when you dream of fireworks. Menglin Xuanjie

The dream is full of smoke. The evil spirits cover up, and the house is full of restlessness. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of eating smoke is fierce. The smoke is the rest of the fire, and the dreamer is unconscious, and the dreamer must guard against disasters. The patient dreams of this, I am afraid that the old disease will recur; the worker dreams of this, I am afraid that the opportunity will be lost. In addition, it is still necessary to prevent the disaster of fire candles. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream swallowing cigarettes. The master has a dispute, or an illness, or a sudden fire . Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream swallowing cigarettes. The lord’s tongue is disputed, the villain is lucky, the adult is not. Prevent diseases and fire disasters. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream smoke fans are full of the house. The main evil is to cover up, or the danger of burning. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Mengyan lost mountain trails, no way, fierce. This dream has no reputation, no hope, unfavorable businessmen, short life span, unsuccessful official lawsuits, unreliable information, unhealed illness, and unreliable signs. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengyan got up on his clothes. The gentleman's dream is good, the villain's dream is bad. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Smoke rises from the dream suit. The name of the Lord is passed from the body, the wealth is from the body, and the sickness is from the body. A gentleman has the honor of being a body, but a villain has the trouble of skin-consciousness. Menglin Xuanjie

Smoke in a dream. This is a sign of the prosperity of the family business, the staple food and clothing are plentiful, and wealth is auspicious. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Others smoke, the main profit. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In the dream, smoke is a hint of danger, especially when you can't put out the fire, it is even more dangerous. If you dream of smoking, it means you are trying to control your fear. If you smoke in real life and quit smoking in your dreams, this symbolizes the solution of the problem. If the smoker really quit smoking, your dreams are often related to past cravings.

Psychological analysis: Smoke symbolizes enthusiasm in the dream, and may not have been "ignited" yet. In addition, smoke also represents purification—such as using incense—or pollution.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the smoke in the dream symbolizes prayer or sacrifice to heaven. In addition, smoke also vividly shows the sublimation of the soul.