Dreaming that the elevator is on the rise, it means that you will be motivated, implying that you will improve your performance and get better income and status.

Dreaming about the elevator may also indicate that you feel oppressed, and feel that the surrounding environment tightly restrains you, and your heart is eager to break through this breathless oppression.

If you dream of a sudden elevator failure or accident, it means that you are worried about your career or your studies.

Many times, when you feel anxious before facing important and challenging things, you also have such dreams.

In addition, this kind of dream is also made when there is a strong curiosity about sex.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The building reflects the structure of your life. There are attitudes, concepts, and beliefs here. These are all based on your experience, and many of them are based on his family habits and customs. Full-time people can know a lot of information about another person, and people can understand your personal world. Then, the buildings you see in your dreams also reflect your personality, hope, and sorrow.

Psychoanalysis: In addition to the symbol of the building or structure, the structure and energy components in the building also play an important role. For example: the elevator symbolizes how you use information. For example, the downward movement of the elevator indicates that you are deeply into your subconscious mind, and an ascending elevator takes you to the sublime and enters your own spiritual realm. Some people believe that people have left their bodies while asleep, and similar concepts are exactly like entering the elevator. Generally, when the elevator is stuck up and down and cannot move, it means that you are difficult to move forward in the course of its spiritual development and have been "stuck".

Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual perspective, buildings are generally protected spaces, and you can work hard to promote your own development.