Dreaming of patched clothes. Foretell good luck and a comfortable and prosperous life.

But dreaming of others to fix their eyes will be doomed.

Businessmen dreaming of patched clothes, or repairing their own clothes, indicate a prosperous business and a fortune.

Dreamed of mending the enemy's clothes. Use your ingenuity to destroy them completely and cleanly.

Dreaming of repairing your pants, your income will drop sharply.

Dreaming of mending your sheets, love will go well.

Dreaming of patches on your clothes indicates that you will not look proud when some of your obligations are released.

Dreaming that others are wearing patched clothes indicates that the impoverished life is approaching.

The young woman dreamed that a patch was found on her new clothes, indicating that the happiest moment was coming, but suddenly she was in trouble.

If she dreams that she wants to cover up the patch, it indicates that she will try to cover up the shortcomings in her personality so that her boyfriend will not discover it.

Dreaming that you are patching indicates that dreamers will have to bear nasty responsibilities.

Dream Case Study of Patching New Clothes

I bought a beautiful dress and put it on. I felt like the dream princess. I went home cheerfully and found that there was a big patch on that dress. (Female, 20 years old)

Analysis of dreams: dreaming of others wearing patched clothes indicates that the poor and short of life are approaching. Young women have found a patch on their new dress, which indicates that when their happy moment is coming, they are facing trouble.

If you try to hide the patch, it indicates that you will work hard to cover up the ugly side of your personality with your lover.

Dreaming that you are patching indicates that you will be forced to acknowledge the responsibility you do not like.

For women , dreaming of doing needlework indicates a close and harmonious family.