Dreaming of patched clothes. It indicates that there will be good luck and a comfortable and prosperous life.

But dreaming that someone else mend his clothes would lead to bad luck.

The businessman dreams of patched clothes, or he is mending clothes, indicates that his business is prosperous and he will get rich.

Dreaming of mending the clothes of the enemy. Use your own ingenuity to wipe them out completely and cleanly.

Dreaming of mending your pants will reduce your income sharply.

Dreaming of mending your own sheets, love will go smoothly.

Dreaming of patches on your clothes indicates that when some of your obligations are exempted, you will not appear triumphant.

Dreaming of others wearing patched clothes indicates that a poor life is approaching.

The young woman dreamed that she found a patch on her new clothes, indicating that the happiest moment was about to come, but she suddenly encountered trouble.

If you dream that you want to cover up the patch, it indicates that she will try to cover up the shortcomings in her personality and prevent her boyfriend from discovering it.

Dreaming that you are applying patches indicates that the dreamer will have to bear nasty responsibilities.

Case analysis of dreaming about new clothes patching

I bought a beautiful dress and put it on. I felt like the princess in my dream. I returned home happily, only to find that there was a big patch on the dress. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming of others wearing patched clothes indicates that poverty and shortage of life are approaching. Young women find a patch on their new dress, which indicates that when their happy moment is about to come, they are facing trouble.

If you try to hide the patch, it indicates that you will try to hide the ugly side of your personality from your lover.

Dreaming that you are applying a patch indicates that you will be forced to admit responsibility for dislike.

For women , dreaming of needlework indicates that the family is close and harmonious.